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Stones of Meaning


Our ministry was founded in the month of April 2021 purely of the inspiration to share the love of God and Christ Jesus. This is a Healing and Deliverance Ministry. 


In 2012 while serving at Jesus People Ministries in Jacksonville, FL we decided to take our Spiritual Journey in Christ to another level. That’s where we both decided to not only live for God but to publicly serve Him for his ultimate Kingdom Plan and Purpose. We began working within the Youth Ministry and since then we have been Blessed to take on many different roles within each Ministry we attended. We found a love like none other as we diligently serve God and die to ourselves daily in order to carry on the mission at hand. Now as Pastors we find it a joy to share our lives with the world to be a light and guide towards our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Our Kingdom assignment is to spread the word of Jesus.  In Him alone is hope. 

Here at Embrace Hope Ministries, everyone is welcome to come and join us in fellowship and giving praise on one accord to our God so that we may all receive what God has in store for one another. We believe that we are all important and are called to do something great and that we need each other to see it through. We value fellowship in our Ministry because no matter who you are we all will need to be poured into or strengthened at some point in life in order to be refreshed through our trials so we can thrive in Him. 


So no matter what your story may be, where you come from, what you’re facing, or what you did, we want to let you know that you are worth it and God loves you and it’s nothing that you can do that can separate you from the magnitude of love that God has for you. Therefore, we here at EHM want to extend our hearts to you and share our lives with you in order to impart the Love of God upon you so that you may find a resolution to your problems and be led towards unending Love, Joy, Hope, and Peace in Christ.

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At the Heart of Everything We Do

We believe the Bible is the Living Word of God, given to us from the triune Godhead.  We recognize that Christ Jesus is Our only Hope for Redemption due to the Fall of Man making Salvation the key element to right standing with God through Repentance by confessing Christ as your Lord and Savior. He died for our sins and He rose from the grave.  Therefore,  granting us access to the Holy Spirit as our Helper in our walk of Faith.

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