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Where to Turn for Guidance



Senior Pastor

Raised in a small town after being born in Miami I was able to see the differences in life, culture and opportunities upon location at an early age. Wanting desperately to find a way out of that town I pursued education and sports as my key to victory. Along the way I found God in a more profound way through a youth group at church. That ministry poured into me in so many ways to where I understood life’s not just about me, sports, or status but way more. Little did I know but there were seeds sown into my life to where eventually later on in life I found myself leading youth in ministry and much more. 


But before I got to that point of serving in ministry God had to shape and mold me and literally pull me through some things so that I would have something to stand on and not retreat or be misleading. I went off and joined the Navy and there I faced many trials and tribulations and God showed me his Strong arm and His Mighty hand. So now after coming to a point in my life where I’m still alive and can make a difference I made up my mind to spread His name. I aim to be like an enthusiastic and full of Joy drill sergeant for Christ and boast in Him all I can. Therefore, I chose to display compassion to all, without holding back or changing who I am or how I look in an effort to lead others in Christ.

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 Assistant Pastor / Prophetess

As a child I went back and fourth from Big city living to Small town vibes that would happen in an instant. I struggled with the feelings of self worth because everything I could be aiming to achieve or even any friends I make could be gone tomorrow. So moving from place to place is why I got my passion to read, write and hope for a better tomorrow. I would burry my face in book after book and write in my journal as much as I could in hopes to get away from my reality. I did those things for some time because I felt that I could free myself and be entertained at the same time. 


Later on in life I went to college to study Occupational Therapy in the medical field.

I began to fail in my studies and that I realized that I couldn’t keep living the way I was living. I was stretched out giving my all everywhere but where it mattered. So I took an invite to attend church with a friend and I never looked back from there. I used that opportunity to not just be cordial, but to get involved actively in a ministry since I did not grow up in church. I received brotherly and sisterly love and was not judged when I attended. Thus giving me a place where I felt welcomed and where I didn’t have to jump for everyone else or hide myself anymore. There I was truly freed and given a peace by my Lord and Savior and I committed myself to serve him all my days.

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